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We have many years of experience in the development and integration of PKI systems. We are not only developing but also researching the leading solutions. We believe that our 8+ years of activity in the Open Source Software World can help you to find in EverIT a long-term technology partner, a responsive R+D centre and a robust source of well trained Java professionals.

Technology partnership
As a team, we can provide such a large storehouse of knowledge, you won’t find ever in a single employee.
Everit is a committed research company. We have participated in many projects in the last years where we could examine cutting edge solutions for the sector.
Java team
With strong University connections in Debrecen we can seek, find and integrate the brightest young minds into our expert team easily. Thanks to our internal projects we are able to provide them regular training, so they are becoming a valuable member of the team as smooth as it is possible.
Thanks to our flexible and responsive mentality we always find the optimal economic model with our partners. It helps you to find the optimal price-value solution without having a huge development team on payroll.


Java pro
We have 10+ Java experts, who have professional experience on the software security and PKI fields.
8+ years of activity in the Open Source Software World. 200+ modules on the central maven repository. 1500+ productive system we managed to build or contribute.
Agile and hybrid (combined with traditional waterfall) methodologies are well known and used. Thanks to our routines we can give excellent estimations on the user stories or even whole projects. We are not just using but also developing the standard tool of the industry, Atlassian’s JIRA.
We are familiar with the following standards, technologies and tools:
    • EJBCA
    • ECC signatures (Android and Java libraries)
    • Certificate data handling (X.509)
    • Usage of XAdES and PAdES signatures in Java environment
    • Digital Signature Services (DSS) applications

Our colleagues were involved in R&D projects as well, where we managed to find solutions in such a challenging area like the asymmetric cryptography support (based on ECC signatures) with passive NFC tags. This innovative solution was implemented and used in the public transport sector where we managed to participate in various pilot projects (nTicket, CityPass).
We try to discover more and more deeply secure multiparty computation. It is a subfield of cryptography with the goal of creating methods for parties to jointly compute a function over their inputs while keeping those inputs private.


We are proud when we succeed in gaining the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

(Card ans Application Management System)
"CAMS is based on PKI technology and helps to manage contact, contactless and virtual (mobile wallet) cards. We can find many card issuer (companies and institutions) among the users of this solution, like Netlock Ltd., University of Debrecen, Széchenyi University Győr, etc."
(Testing and process automation)
"Secure software delivery for the first Common Criteria Software Laboratory of Hungary. Introduction of a collaboration platform (Jira, OnlyOffice, Git). Security testing of evaluated products in the field of smart cards, QSCD applications, server signing applications."
"NFC based e-ticketing system for public transport. ECC crypto functions on smart NFC tokens. Mobile software development."
"The intelligent card system developed for a Hungarian CA. Web and mobile development, integration with the core CA suit."


Ferenc Tamás MOLNÁR

General Manager

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